Offer Button

Offer button give your users the option to accept offers for there listings.

Compatible with Osclass 3.1, 3.2


  • Non Logged in users can place offers as long as the feature is enabled.
  • Added the ability for the seller to contact the potential buyer and vice versa.
  • Sellers can lock buyers from placing offers if the admin has the option enabled.
  • Sellers can delete offers as long as the admin has that option enabled.
  • Users placing offers can now choose to place a trade instead of a monetary offer that is if the admin has that option enabled and the seller has the option enabled.
  • It is also possible to allow the seller to contact the potential buyer via pm if you have the PM plugin installed.
  • Supports the supertool bar plugin.
  • Uses the new database model.
  • Uses routes for nicer looking urls.
  • Backwards compatible to 3.1

I am still working on a few more features for this version. This plugin should be available soon so check back often.

  • Single Site

  • 2-3 Site Use

  • Multi Site



  • Designer / Developer: osCanyon
  • Version: 3.0
  • Released on:
  • Updated on:
  • Requirement: Osclass 3.1, 3.2
  • Browsers:
  • Files included: Plugin
  • Documentation: !!Only Valid Email accounts Please, You will receive your download link via Email ONLY!!