osCanyon Carousel

This carousel brings a lot of new features that the Carousel for Osclass plugin was lacking.


  • Fully responsive
  • You can create multiple instances and have multiple instances on the same page
  • Choose to show only premium listings or all
  • You can choose to only show listings that have x amount of views
  • Can be used as a single listing slider.
  • Navigation can either change one slide or multiple slides
  • You can choose to show only listings with pictures
  • You can choose to load the listings in a random order
  • Enable or disable the showing of the price
  • Enable or disable the showing of the publishers name
  • You can also use different themes on each carousel ( option 2 and 3 come with more themes )
  • Single Site

  • 2-3 Site Use plus themes

  • Multi Site plus themes



  • Designer / Developer: osCanyon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Released on:
  • Updated on:
  • Requirement: Osclass 3.2+
  • Browsers:
  • Files included:
  • Documentation: !!Only Valid Email accounts Please, You will receive your download link via Email ONLY!!